About Us

The Online Consumer Initiative is a client-centric, vibrant Johannesburg based online marketing and advertising company launched in 2010 that aims to add value to our clients and partners. We are a dynamic and enthusiastic team with focus on online usage and trends and we probably spend most of our time on the internet.

What we do

We strive to provide real value to the South African online community by promoting useful, affordable quality products and services. We also run regular competitions and surveys often sponsored by third parties who want to build their brand awareness and database for future marketing opportunities.

How we add value

To our clients:

Through free competitions and interesting surveys, coupled with relevant promotional value-adding content that sets out to save our clients money as well as raising awareness around some of life’s critical must-haves.

To our partners:

Through cost-effective and targeted email marketing campaigns. Our client base comprises over 300,000 users, and we have the ability to segment the base by gender, age and region.

We also provide creative design support and related services.

Our Partners

Some of our current partners and sponsors include Instantlife.co.za, iVouchers, Loan Supermarket, 3Trade, and Think Money.

Our Values

The 7 core values we believe provide the foundation for our success:

  • People are our greatest strength. We create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to flourish and unleash their potential.
  • Passion for growing the best online offering. We are passionate about what we do, and we’re gathering momentum.
  • Respect for our visitors, subscribers, and each other as a team and as members of the online communities we serve.
  • Honesty and Integrity. We will conduct ourselves in an open, honest and fair manner building trust in all of our working relationships.
  • Collaboration. We work with organisations that share our goals and work towards mutual benefit. There is strength in diversity.
  • Excellence. A commitment to quality and innovation. We constantly raise the bar in all that we do to sustain our competitive advantage.
  • Fun is essential to our success. For our members and for ourselves.

If you would like further information or are interested in discussing how we can work together with your company, please send an email to sales@onlineconsumerinitiative.co.za.

This is a marketing website promoting various financial products. www.onlineconsumerinitiative.co.za is not a registered insurance company or loans provider, and is not a registered financial services provider.